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Perhaps it was karma; one good spurn deserves another. I think he had a grudge against me ever since he overheard me telling you that you were the more talented and better looking one of the duo, with much cooler hair.

IT suits her rumpled looks, her woebegone manner, her part mumble, part screeching, subway train of a voice. “When I’m working, I’m obsessively working,” she says.And maybe he's right because I've kept them bottled up for so long. And maybe deep down inside, a part of you is happy to hear from your little Tater? I think maybe I wouldn't have perceived how you treated me as so painful and devastating if you hadn't told me that the song "Bridge Over Troubled Water," even though Paul wrote it, was about our relationship and how you felt about me. They’d made their peace, but it had been a combative relationship, one Marshall handled with dark humor.Her brother, producer-director Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman), 61, remembers Penny joking about the Alzheimer’s: “Maybe it’s good—she won’t know who I am and will like me better.” In fact, the senior Marshalls had high hopes for their younger daughter. 15, 1943, Carole Penny Marshall was named for the glamorous film comedian Carole Lombard.

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And in October, a difficult year hit bottom with the death of her close friend of nearly three decades, That Girl star Ted Bessell.

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